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Augmented Reality Cards by iGreet are Now Available for Ordering in the USA Through Amazon!

Dear friends, The team of iGreet has some really exciting news for you! Our Augmented Reality cards are now available for ordering in the USA through amazon! ▶️ To purchase our cards, all you have to do is click on the following link: Order iGreet 4D Flash Cards Augmented Reality Greeting Card Bundle This is something we’ve […]

[ГЛАСУВАНЕ] Конкурс за Дизайн на Сватбена Картичка

Здравейте, скъпи приятели! С гордост искаме да ви представим прекрасните творения на всички дизайнери и художници, които изявиха желание да участват в нашият пролетен конкурс за дизайн на сватбена картичка. ? Искаме да благодарим на всички талантливи дизайнери и художници, които участваха и ни изпратиха прекрасните си произведения. Останахме без думи!!!!!? За нас, всички сте […]

Празнувайте Цветница с iGreet

Здравейте, скъпи приятели! ? На 21-ви Април, 2019, празнуваме един от най-любимите празници на българите – Цветница. Превърнал се е в толкова любим, защото всеки един от нас познава поне по един скъп човек, който носи името на цвете и празнува именният си ден! А какво по-хубаво от това да носиш името на цвете? ??? […]

Baby Season is Open with iGreet

You guys already know that our portfolio of augmented reality delights consists of greetings cards, dedicated to pretty much every occasion you can think of. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, Easter or Name Day, we got you covered! Today, however, we wanted to showcase a little bit further probably the most special […]

Celebrating All Women on International Women’s Day

Greetings, dear friends! Today, we are celebrating International Women’s Day! We are certainly not saying that women don’t deserve to be celebrated every day of the year, however if we take history into consideration, this day has truly become one of the most anticipated and colorful days of the year. In today’s modern world, women […]

Best Cards for International Women’s Day, picked by iGreet

On March 8th, we celebrate the International Women’s Day. We are not saying that there should be a specific day to celebrate mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends, wives, aunts, etc., however it’s been a tradition for generations to give gifts, flowers and tons of love to the women of our lives on this day. As we said, […]

iGreet releases a NEW 3D Love Card

Greetings, everyone! The team of iGreet is excited to announce the release of a new 3D card, dedicated to the most beautiful thing in life – LOVE! The “I love You Card” is just one of the few new designs debuting this February on the market but so far has drawn the most attention due […]

iGreet brings Augmented Reality to a Whole New Level with Coasters, Featuring Popular Bulgarian Tourist Destinations

The possibilities of augmented reality seem to be endless, don’t they? We, at iGreet, love to explore the latest technologies in augmented reality and implement them to our everyday life to bring nothing but great experiences. This time, we drew influence from our endless love for Bulgaria and its rich and beautiful nature to bring […]

iGreet loves Its Animals

We, at iGreet, love incorporating animals on our unique augmented reality cards not just because they are sweet and cute but because we, as well as our devoted fans, share an immense adoration towards them. We truly believe that the love for animals is one of the noblest attributes of people and sometimes we have […]

How to Make your 2019 a Magical One

You know that we, at iGreet, are always here with you guys to make every occasion and special time a memorable one. Whether it’s a birthday, a name day, an anniversary, a Valentine’s Day or just a day when you woke up with the thought of making someone feel loved and appreciated, we are just […]