How to Make your 2019 a Magical One

You know that we, at iGreet, are always here with you guys to make every occasion and special time a memorable one. Whether it’s a birthday, a name day, an anniversary, a Valentine’s Day or just a day when you woke up with the thought of making someone feel loved and appreciated, we are just one step away from materializing and visualizing your feelings and ideas. With the concept of living a life in which people express their positive emotions towards someone, we want to continue bringing spirit and beauty into your lives in 2019 as well. We came up with a few other important, at least to us, steps and directions that we believe people can do better in the New Year and make it a truly magical one.

?Tell important people how much you love them?

This year make sure you let the important people in your life know that you love them. Whether it’s your mom or dad, grandparents who you rarely see, your friends or your significant other, never forget to say “I Love You” before you close the door or end the telephone call. In 2019, learn how to be more open and understand that saying it more often than before will bring nothing but smiles and heart-warming feelings to both the other side and to you.

?Celebrate every day like it’s your Birthday?

In 2019, learn how to cherish every day and live like it’s your last day. You don’t really need an occasion, do you? It doesn’t have to be someone’s birthday or name day or some other special day to gather up your friends and have a memorable and wonderful time. In life, it’s always those unexpected, sudden attempts that turn out to be the most mind-blowing moments.

?Learn to express your genuine happiness?

Leave out the envy, the frustration, the negativity and that hidden jealousy in 2018. This year, we challenge you to be happy for everyone around you and don’t be afraid of showing or saying how happy you are for someone’s success or dreams becoming true. Once you learn how to be happy for everyone around you – whether it’s a friend or a foe, you will feel free and your heart will open more space for positive and beautiful emotions.

?Celebrate love in all its forms?

We are back to love, aren’t we? That little magical word that makes the world go round… Whether it’s love towards your friends, family or your little cute pet – let your heart be filled with it! Give hugs and kisses to everyone; send flowers to your mom; buy your old dog a new chewy toy. Love is all around us and all you have to do is let it in.

?Show gratitude?

In 2019, learn how to say “Thank You” in every situation that requires it. Don’t keep your gratitude in! Whether it’s to your colleague who turned on the heater before you came so that your office can be warm when you arrive or to your grandmother who unexpectedly called you to check out if you put enough clothes when you went out today – say “Thank You” and you will make everyone realize you cherish them and think of them.

?Have more fun?

Last but not least, never miss an opportunity to experience fun events and stop making excuses why you can’t go to that concert or you can’t go have a beer with your colleagues after work. You never know when a seemingly uninteresting event might turn into the night of your life. Challenge yourself to go out more often and try out new things, festivals, events, food, etc.


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