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iGreet cards are integrated with augmented reality technology. When you scan the static cards, they come to life.



The app is all free.

You can order iGreet cards through iGreet app and pick up at the nearest Walgreens store you chose.

Through physical store (Bulgaria only): have a look at the map

Once you have the iGreet app and iGreet card, open the app and click on the scan button in below. Scan the front image of the card and enjoy what you see.

Watch our demo video

If you choose to order from the app or the site, you do not need to make any payments with the order. You will pay and pickup at the Walgreens store you chose.

We have pre-made cards including Birthday greeting cards, Christmas cards, Valentine’s Day cards etc now. We are working on personal cards. You will be able to add your own image and video soon!

In Walgreens, it costs $2.99.